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Window shutters are a familiar spectacle in classic movies, especially those featuring wealthy individuals of the Victorian Era. However, shutters have made a massive comeback as most home designers incorporate them into their finest work, thus giving modern homes a unique touch. These days, homeowners desire magazine-standard homes, encouraging them to explore the potential benefits of shutters. Nonetheless, installing a window shutter is not about setting up an attractive window cover. Your shutters should enhance your security and provide high-level protection against external factors to ensure that your home is secure and habitable. Therefore, read along to discover why a custom shutters design services is reliable if you want to upgrade to window shutters.

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Types of Shutter Designs

Window shutter designs are classified into interior and exterior shutter designs. However, there are several other broad shutter categories, including hurricane shutters design, plantation shutters design, rolling shutter design, and custom window shutters designs. On that account, you should select your shutter design according to its preferred purpose, your home’s architectural layout, weather, external environment, and the value they offer.

Interior and Exterior Shutter Designs

The main difference between exterior and interior shutter designs is their placement. While exterior shutters are designed to protect your house from the outside, interior shutters are fitted to replace drips and glass windows. However, interior shutters can be customized to enhance security and serve similar purposes as external shutters. Nonetheless, both internal and external shutter designs enhance the beauty of your home because of their artistic and aesthetic value.

Hurricane Shutters Design

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, hurricane shutters can help you protect your family and property from debris, hail, flying glass, and other forces in a tropical storm. Therefore, you can choose from several hurricane shutters designs depending on the frequency and severity of hurricanes in your area. Hurricane shutters are made from sturdy and durable materials like reinforced plastic or metal. Hence, they might be more costly than others, but offer the ultimate protection against hurricanes.

Plantation Shutters Design

Plantation shutters are popular in southern plantation homes and recommended for warmer climates because of their simple design, providing a perfect alternative to lovered blinds. Apart from securing your house from birds and other creatures that might crawl in, plantation shutters regulate the lighting and ventilation in your room. Moreover, there are several plantation shutters designs for homeowners, allowing them to choose shutters that match their home decor and enhance the appearance of interior spaces.

Rolling Shutter Design

A roller shutter comprises several metal slats hinged together horizontally and designed to be flexible. Therefore, a roller shutter lets you form a barricade over your window by simply rolling it down. Roller shutters come in several shapes and sizes with built-in strengthening features. Although most traditional roller shutter designs are bulky and unappealing, the most recent innovations have been scaled down and improved to integrate naturally with your home environment.

Custom Shutter Designs


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Although hurricane, plantation, and roller shutters are designed for specific purposes, you can easily customize these shutter designs to meet your preferences. For example, you might be looking for an interior plantation shutter that offers the ultimate protection against unprecedented harsh weather. Similarly, you might prefer the convenience of roller shutters on plantation shutter designs or larger shutters for big windows. In that case, you should leverage the skills of our talented custom shutter designers, promising to deliver beyond your expectations.

Owning a home is the dream of many individuals and a notable life achievement because of the security it assures your family. Therefore, it is your responsibility to protect its inhabitants from environmental extremities and promote a comfortable and conducive environment for them to thrive. Our shutters are designed with exceptional strength and versatility. Therefore, regardless of the shutter type you choose, our custom shutters design services will follow up and deliver. We have worked with many homeowners for several years. Therefore, we can assist you in selecting window shutter designs that work for your kitchen, office, and living room space.

Now that you have an idea of how window shutters can add value to your surroundings, the next step is outlining your goals and seeking assistance from expert custom shutter design services. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Browse through some of our listings and contact us for more information on how to choose the right interior and exterior shutter designs for your windows.


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